Cookbook Progress

I think it`s difficult to write a cookbook, and it`s not like I think my recipes is the most wonderful in the world either. I like my recipes, but I don`t expect you to.  But then again, often I buy cookbooks, and don`t find their recipes the most wonderful either, and it probably has something to do with personal taste. Still it gives me inspiration to develop it into my own taste. I`m a little bit scared of writing a cookbook and selling it, because I don`t really want to handle dissatisfied customers and huge expectations. But I`m going to make a deep and well described disclaimer to protect myself, because an ebook can not be returned.

I think there will be a cookbook, but I don`t know when it will be finished. I`m sorry for those of you that find this inconvenient, that have been requesting my recipes and are waiting. I just need to figure this out.


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