Christmas Gift P.O. Box

My Post box address for Christmas 2017:

The post box is now CLOSED.  I don`t offer a public post box address anymore. I want the interaction to be in the comment section of my YouTube videos. I prefer to interact with you through my YouTube videos, due to security reasons and professional boundaries. I think it`s important to keep a healthy distance to protect my privacy, and to be able to give you more ASMR content. ^^ Thank you so much for your ongoing support. It means a lot! I appreciate you so much my Fluffy Teddy Bears. 


NB. For safety reasons I can`t accept food, or cosmetic products that are not not sent directly from an online store. Also keep in mind that I only accept gifts from private persons and not from companies that wants to promote their products and businesses. 

Hello my Fluffy Teddy Bears

I opened a post box address this spring or summer. I don`t really remember when... I haven't used it once... Can you believe it, not once!!? I just haven`t felt like using it. I don`t know if I will continue to rent it when the date expires, because it`s much work to travel all the way to this post box regularly to check it, not to mention it`s expensive, and that`s not really my priority.
The reason I decided to open this post box was because some of you wanted to send me something, and I think that`s really heartwarming and so nice. I also figured out it was best for my sponsorships as well, but I don`t do much sponsorships, even if I receive many request on a regular basis. I just don`t want to promote things I don`t want or need. Having several sponsorships on my mind can also really stress me out, and my main focus is to create ASMR relaxing content for you, without having to deal with a lot of business requests.

I have been receiving questions about this post box regularly and I never know what to answer. I have also had a lot of ambivalent feelings regarding this. I`m sorry if I never answered your question, just know it`s not personal. If I don`t answer a question, whatever question it is, it`s because I don`t know what to answer, or I don`t want to answer that question.

I have decided to make my post box address available for Christmas, and give you the opportunity to send me something if you want to.
I will make an ASMR Whisper P.O. Box unboxing video during Christmas, and also read out your letter if you want me to. ​
Please let me know if you don´t want me to open your gift or read out your letter publicly on my YouTube channel.

Thank you and have a great day! 💚


It`s Not the Gift, but the Thought that Counts



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