You Keep Me Going

160.000 Fluffy Bears <3

Hello my dear and Fluffy Teddy Bears

It`s time to acknowledge my growing YouTube channel, my achievements, but also you guys. It`s now 160.000!! Hundred and sixty thousands of you, and I`m so extremely grateful for my job. My job is to make videos to make you tingle, relax or sleep, and it`s the best job in the world. I`m just glad I`m able to help you, because that`s not a matter of course, and I hope it has brought as much joy to you as it has done for me. I also want to tell you that this YouTube channel, you my Fluffy Teddy Bears have helped me as well, even if you didn't try, a lot actually. For you that are passing by, and don`t know what I`m talking about. I make ASMR YouTube videos on the YouTube channel Solfrid ASMR
I don`t know you personally and I would probably not be able to make videos if I did. This is kind of a psychological weird thing I guess. I have a good imagination and I also get your feedback that I find really helpful. Maybe I project my feelings and make my own little Teddy Bear world in my head to make myself comfortable and able to continue this work. I picture myself a crowd of harmless fluffy teddy bears. If I saw any of you in real life I would probably freak out. The truth is, I don`t know any of you, but still through my screen I`m able to communicate and send something out into the black hole called "the universe"... or maybe more correct "the cyber world", and back I get your feedback, your gratitude and it keeps me busy. 

Thank you for sticking around. Thanks for all your support, weather it be your views, thumbs up, comments, feedback or sharing my videos on other platforms. 
Even the negative comments have helped me to get thicker skin, tolerate more, understand more about myself and other people. I learn something new very often from "Solfrid ASMR" and that`s a really nice thing. 

I could say "I could not imagine myself getting as far as I have" (to underestimate myself), but that would be a lie. When I started my YouTube channel I went all in and hoped for the best. I pictured myself where I`m today, and ever further, and I think my positive mindset along with my natural interest for ASMR and YouTube/Video communication in general kicked my ass really hard towards this road that I`m now walking. Negative thoughts never got me anywhere. The thing is to truly get that feeling "to want something", "to want something for the right reasons". That in itself, to get that feeling, to know when I want, and the want is for the right reason, can sometimes be really hard. It`s not really a feeling I can decide to get by snapping my fingers, but I can be open, search, and wait. It`s a process within myself that I`m not even aware of. Those times I felt really lost within myself, my unconscious mind was working on high speed, and it still is. It can be so soooo frustrating sometimes, when we don`t have the right answers or the right feelings that we desires and want for ourself. But don´t give up yourself. If you feel like this, you`r already heading in the right direction. Don`t give up! 

There`s not an end road,
no end station, nor an end goal.
I will always be in a process, process within myself, 
I will learn and get wiser as long as I breath,
I try to picture myself the very best, becasue I deserve the best. We all do.
I`m happy for myself,
I try to be as happy for others,
I don`t try to compare or compete, and if those feelings knock on my door, I will welcome those feelings, accept them and think about them to understand what`s it`s really about. Then I will try to close the door, and don`t act on those feelings, because I understand that I don`t need them in my life.
Someone else`s success does not define my worth, 
I`m worthy, you are, we all are,
I`m not better than anyone else, but I`m as good, and I`m allowed to feel good about myself,
I have a best version of myself, and I want to try to be that person everyday.


Be awake,

Allow yourself to be vulnerable,

Accept yourself,
Love yourself,

Happy weekend Fluffy`s and take care of yourself. No one else will do it better than yourself. 




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