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I have been thinking lately about Veganism. As you may already know I prefer to not label myself publicly, and when I do it in my private life, I only do it do help people understand what I eat and don`t eat, or what products I prefer and not. 
I know the reason for my choices, that are both ethical and for my health. To me there`s no rules without exceptions, because you never now what can happen tomorrow. That does not mean that I don`t stand by my personal choices as good as I can (which is up to me to decide), and look for good vegan options if available. But to never say never, that is something we don`t know, because we are living in a pretty easy bubble compared to the history. Yes... I tend to think too much. "What if that happened, or if that happened, what would I do?" Well, I don`t really know would I. All I know is that I want to live. It`s the human instinct. What I do know is that I don`t like to see animals suffer and killed, and if my diet can inspire other people to eat more plants, that is so much better than nothing at all. 
It`s important to focus on the good that people actually are doing, instead of focusing on what they`re not, because that`s negative and damaging for the relationship. No one likes to be told what to do or feel, and it`s actually really mean as well. "If we judge, we have no time to love".
We all judge tho... It`s human. When we judge something negatively we automatically think we are better, even if we`re not aware of it. That`s a natural mechanism we all have to make right choices for ourselves. Still, I don`t like when I listen to Vegans that are aggressive to get their point across, because I think the messages looses it`s power. Personally I think the best way to help the animals is to do it yourself, and people will notice. You don`t even have to say anything. People will notice what you`re already doing, ask questions and start to think. An unconscious process will start, and if not, then accept it. It`s important to accept that we are different and work differently. It`s also important to respect everyones process and transition in life. It can for some be difficult to feel or see the connection between the animal and the finished product in the store, or to remember, and that`s also something to keep in mind. I`m really glad there`s more and more documentaries and information available, to reveal what`s really going on behind the curtains. 
Sometimes I think in the heat of a moment , "I love the vegan concept, but I really dislike some Vegan people". Not really, but I dislike the behavior that are personally attacking other people either through social media by mentioning their names or physically, by telling them what to do or not when they did not ask for for any advice what so ever. I call it a personal attack, and I think it`s wrong and scares people away.  
When that being said, If I saw someone abuse and hurt an animal right in front of my eyes, like I`ve seen in documentaries, I would probably do anything in my power to make this person stop. It`s such a difficult and sad dilemma. I wish I could just make this animal abuse stop. I really wish for a cruelty free world, I really do. It hurts like crazy to see animals suffer. 



Animals are tortured everyday around the world. Tortured ALIVE. They are scared, soooo scared. 

The pictures are from google. 

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