Diet advise?

Hello my Fluffy Teddy Bears
I am not a professional what so ever, and should probably not give any advice on diets without referring you to a good source. What I can do is do talk about what works for my body, and my personal believes and experiences, but you should never take my word for it without doing your own research.

There are many "experts" out there saying different things, and it seems like many experts and scientist are hired and paid by the food industries themselves to tell you lies.
I`m so happy I came across Dr.John McDougall, and his book The Starch Solution. He also has his own YouTube channel and website. He seems like an honest person to me, that really cares and knows his field.

I`m not following a strict diet with rules. I don`t want to label myself, but I`m totally for a low fat, plant based diet rich in starches, fruits and vegetables. I also want to give you some feedback on oil.
I have gotten feedback on social media about oil. It goes something like this: "You need oil" "Oil is good for you".  Well is it? 
and who says I don`t get enough oil just because I`m careful with that oil?
I recommend you watch the video I linked above. From what I have come to understand you don`t need oil extracted from plants. It`s actually poison for your body. You don`t need it and should not be a part of your every day diet. There`s already oil in the plants that you eat. Oil that are not extracted and therefor goes into your body in perfect harmony with all the other nutrients in that food. That you need to eat oil for joints is also not true, from what I came to understand. I also understood that plant oils are more dangerous than animal oils, but that if animal oil/fat and vegetable oils are consumed together it`s the worst. 
Does that mean I`m going to be able to eliminate vegetable oil completely? Probably not, but I will try my best to minimize it to as little as possible. 
One of my weakness is potato chips, and chips in general. It`s so so unhealthy, but so so good. But...  I almost every time feel bad after I have eaten it. It`s not only a mental feeling, because I know it`s unhealthy, but my body does not feel satisfied and happy. I feel sick. One of my challenges is to try to quit potato chips on a regular basis,every weekend, because it`s just too often I think. The ideal would be to quit it completely and find a good substitute. It`s so addicting though.
Just some thoughts from me.

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