Circumcision On Infants

Hello my Fluffy Teddy Bears

I have been requested to do more ASMR Whisper Important Topic Videos. I don`t know if videos like this are appropriate for my ASMR channel, but I really enjoy to discuss topics like this in ASMR mode myself, because I find it more relaxing and therapeutic. It`s up to you to decide!! If the majority likes me talking about serious topics like this from time to time, I will continue to do so. I was not expecting this to happen today, but I got a reaction from something I came across on the internet, and felt the need to talk about it. Sometimes it`s positive, sometimes it`s negative, I guess it`s depends on your own opinion and feelings around this topic as well. Just let me know what you think and feel about this.

All constrictive feedback is appreciated.

Happy day!^^


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