I Think I`m Done With Important Topics

Hello my Fluffy Teddy Bears

And there I said it. I think I`m done with important topics videos, and I think I feel the same way tomorrow as well, but who knows... I tend to change my mind from time to time.

I don`t feel ok with making people upset, not even for something that I personal feel is a good cause. It`s only my personal opinion, and even if I feel so right about my own opinions, there can be things and thousands of spectrums I`m missing out on. Things are never black and white. Anyway, I`m not the right person to do that, and I don`t want to be that person. Don`t take me wrong, I`m still going to be myself, and do my type of ASMR. What I mean is that I don`t want to make a big speech about other peoples decisions without asking for my advice or opinion. At least NOT on my ASMR channel. I want all to feel welcomed on my ASMR channel, and I don`t want people do feel bad about themselves. Solfrid ASMR is a place for people to relax, and get tingles, and not have to deal with me being upset about something. I don`t like people sticking their nose (personal opinion) in what I`m doing, so then I should not stick my nose where it does not belong either. There is a right time, and a right place for topics that we feel passionate about, and this is not the time, nor the place. That does not mean that inside my mind I feel strongly about many things, and I can feel that something is really wrong or right, but I can decide to keep them to myself when it`s not appropriate to share them. 
I can`t expect people to be passionate about the same things I`m passionate about, and I can neither tell people how they feel or should feel. I have been over the top shocked sometimes by behaviours, and I don`t want to become like that myself. It can be easy to see other peoples mistakes, and not take note on your own nasty behavior (talking about myself). You came to this channel for ASMR, different relaxing sounds, triggers and personal attention. I`m sure there are better ways to talk about my personal opinions. 
Fighting for something that you believe in can be a good thing, as long as you don't attack someone personally (depending on what it is of course). This is not the right platform for topics like this. It actually makes me stressed out seeing someone upset and hurt because of something I said, when they might be victims of the authorities themselfes. It`s exhausting as well. I do have my blog channel if I want to speak up about something tho, but I realize I have not been good at presenting facts and doing it it the most respective, and careful manner. 

Well well well. Time for another ASMR video my Fluffy Teddy Bears. I hope you find it relaxing and/or tingling.

Thank you so much for watching... or listening. 

Take care!


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