I don`t think I`m done With Important Topics

Hello my Fluffy Teddy Bears

I don`t know if I`m done with making ASMR important topics videos after all, because it`s relaxing for me to whisper my thoughts instead of talking them out load.  Well, it depends on how I feel, I guess. I think maybe I should just do them in another way, and preferably when I`m not upset. I guess we will just wait and see what happens. Creating ASMR is relaxing for me as well, and are often therapy for my mind.

I have been reading your feedback on my concerns for my ASMR important topics videos, and it helped a lot to come to an conclusion. The conclusion is to not come to an conclusion really, if you understand what I mean, and just see what I feel like. Several of you like to know what`s on my mind because you get to know me and my personality better, and that`s something to keep in mind. I got several good advice from you as well.  Maybe less controversial, get thicker skin, do what I want...etc. Yey.

So I think that if I absolutely need to speak about something controversial from time to time, I can do it in a more neutral manner, where I maybe stay neutral to the very end, until after I have talked about the facts I researched. Not every ASMR videos need to be for sleep or tingles, but maybe just relaxing...A quiet and relaxing environment for important topics. I guess I just need to practice how I talk about important topics. Remember... just because I have a personal opinion does not mean I`m right at all.
I don`t really take requests on important topics videos tho, because I can`t really control what puts me on fire. You know... Topics that interests me, and that I feel I have a personal opinion about. There are a lot of important issues and topics out there that needs attention, but I`m not the right person to talk about those topics if it doesn't come from within myself. Sometimes I just don`t have an opinion about something, and sometimes don`t feel like having an opinion. Sometimes I can´t feel the connection, sometimes I can´t relate, sometimes I don`t have enough information, sometimes I might not find it interesting, sometimes I just don`t care. Remember it`s ok to not care if you don`t care. We can not force ourself to care because someone else want us to care, because then we are forced into pretending. Like putting a mask in front of our face, being something we`re not. 
Oh my... It`s late, and I`m babbling away about nothing, everything and all there is in between. I think it`s time to sleep.

Good night and take care!





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