How I Cured My Urinal Tract Infection With Olive Leaf Extract

Hello my Fluffy Teddy Bears. I`m pretty sure I had a urinal tract infection in November, and now it`s completely gone. I haven`t been on Olive Leaf Extract for some weeks or more, and its still gone. Yay! It was my first UTI, and God forbid i get it again. It was awful, just extremely awful on so many levels! 

Well well well. You probably gonna roll your eyes like crazy when I tell you this, but I did not know where the female urine comes out, before taking a closer look on myself, due to my infection and curiosity after doing some research. I always thought the pee came out from under the foreskin of the clitoris. You know, from a hidden hole I would never be able to see. LOL. Yes in did. Why??? When you pee you can`t really see where the pee comes out from, it just comes out. I never learned about it, or maybe I did not pay attention? I was obviously not curious and interested enough to really figure it out, or actually... I thought I had already figured it out. I got extremely surprised and overwhelmed when I came to learn something else, and a little bit frightened too. Like WHAT!!? The pee comes out from a hole I never knew I had. ..... Even my husband knew where the urine comes out. ENOUGH SAID ABOUT THAT, don't make me regret it!

I always put disclaimers on videos like this. I`m going to tell you now, once and for all.
I put disclaimers on my videos because I should out of security reasons, both to protect myself, but also you. It`s important to make you aware that this is fully your own responsibility, as it is for me as well when I choose to try out new products. If you don`t want to take any risks or responsibility for your own actions, the only right thing to do is to talk to your health care professional. I`m not going to stop share my experiences, both good and bad, if I think it can help in some way. For me it`s really helpful when other people share as well, even if it`s up to me to do further research etc, or not. The more information out there, the better. What currently works for me might not work for you at all, but that does not mean I`m not going to share it and give you some ideas and inspiration. What you choose to do with what I share is fully your own responsibility, and that`s why it`s so important with a disclaimer. 

What A WONDERFUL THING, when we come to realize that in the end the only one we can really trust is ourself, and we should take responsibility for our own feelings and actions in life. As long as we blame them on others, even how bad we were treated, we will never evolve and transform into something new, something better. If someone hurt you really bad, that`s really sad and awful... Yes, just awful... BUT! What should you do about it? Because yes. Those feelings are still your own responsibility, and you are the only one that can make you feel good again. No one else, and certainly not the person that destroyed you. When we are able to not let other peoples behaviors, good or bad, affect us in a negative way... When we have that stability in ourself that makes everything on the outside not get in, we have come a long way. The road to this place is a journey. Let us look at it as a wonderful, beautiful journey, and take as much time you need. When you realize you can choose yourself if you are destroyed or not not destroyed, or at least that you know that you can build yourself up again, even stronger by time. When hurtful words can not get to you anymore... A journey. A lifelong journey. As long as you walk you will get there, but remember, it does not have to ever be an end station, because that means everything would just stop, and we don`t want that..would we?

I wish you a wonderful day Fluffy`s, and take care!





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