Merry Christmas!!!

Merry Christmas my Fluffy Teddy Bears. I really hope you all are doing great!

I really hope you find this video relaxing and tingling.

I`m looking so much forward to the new year, creating a lot of more relaxing, tingling ASMR content for you, and hang out on my YouTube channel. Thank you so much for this year. I`m one lucky girl that I`m able to keep so many of you entertained and relaxed. It`s not a matter of course at all. It`s not like I can force any of you to be a subscriber, and it`s just nice that so many of you enjoy my videos without me trying to force you in any kind of way, or nag you for attention. I don`t like to be, or feel forced either, to like something, to follow someones on social media, to watch an ASMR video etc. It has to come naturally, and that`s what I appreciate, that this just happened without me having to try hard. I guess I have just find a platform that works for me. Something that comes naturally, and without to much effort. Of course, I have worked for it. I have put a lot of time and energy into it. But it does not really feel like that, because I have enjoyed it so much a log the way.  I don`t appreciate when people comes to my channel with a hidden agenda, where they openly are promoting their own youtube videos, asking me to watch their videos, and subscribe to their channel. My advice to this people is to focus and spend time creating ASMR content instead of being spammers. You can`t buy subscribers, it has to come naturally. You must be able to give them something they want, and that`s not something your can control. Either you have it or you don`t. I`m not in control either. I just try to do my best and be myself, and that`s all we can do. Either way, do it first and foremost because you enjoy it, and also try to appreciate how far you have come, and the little things, instead of focusing on what you don`t have, or compare yourself with others.  You are good enough either way, and that is something I have to remind myself from time to time as well!

You Are Good Enough!! 

Merry Christmass! <3




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