Is it fair that BLOGG.NO gets all the add revenue?

Hello Fluffy`s!

Is it fair that BLOGG.NO gets all the add revenue... All the money?

As a YouTuber, being successful on a social media platform I have something to say about this. On YouTube you decide for yourself if you want to become a YouTube partner and have advertisement in you videos or not, and if you choose to join in and become a partner, YouTube will share this income with you. It means that I will earn from it as well as YouTube. It`s fair, and it`s a GOOD DEAL that will benefit us both! I love Youtube for this, and I believe that`s one of the things that have made them so big as they are today. 

On this Norwegian platform blogg.no (which I have been on and off for years, without leaving any questions) don´t offer any form of partnership unless you have thousands and thousands of readers, you are forced to have adds on your blog that you are not in control off what so ever. I call it not smart at all. And since I`m in this grumpy mood I can use words like selfish and stingy as well. In Norwegian GJERRIGKNARKER. They keep all the money for themselves and I I`m sick and tired of being on a platform where I`m not in control over the adds. So my question to you is, do you know about a better blog platform, that offer partnership, no adds if I don`t want to? ???????

I do understand that platforms needs an income to keep them running, i do too (!!!), but jeeeese, why not make it a good deal for both parties? Sometimes I`m just so embarrassed over Norwegians and how they run things. They are just so far behind others. 

So yeah. I think it`s time to find another blog platform. A platform where I can advertise for products that i really really like, and at least be able to get a share from adds that I`m not in control over. I want a blog that is connected to my main platform, but also be able to run adds and also be a more active blogger. I love to write, Mostly crazy poems.... maybe 


What is the matter with this platform? Don`t they understand that creators do this for a living, or at least should be able to try to make this a living if they want to from the very beginning.

I wan to start blogging more again, and I wan YOU to become a regular blog reader. You have too!! You don`t have a choice. ^^ Just kidding if you did not understand that. 
I want to to have a section for only ASMR and relaxation because that`s the biggest part of my online interest, but have a more personal space for my everyday thoughts, feelings and other interests as well. I hate to share my feelings tho, or to share to much about myself. I hate it! But sometimes I have too. What´s so great about ASMR is that I can give something too you without having to open myself in that kind of way. I like my privacy.

I do not see any future on this platform. I need to go internationally, which is perfect since I`m trying to reach a bigger audience. 

I love my country so much, and I`m a proud Norwegian, but there`s no job for me here. I need to do it in english. I think I`ll keep this blog for Norwegian writings now and then, and keep posting my videos to just promote them, but it`s time to move to a blog platform where there are opportunities. But where? You can give me suggestions on my latest ASMR video on my Youtube channel Solfrid ASMR if you know about some international blog platforms.

My inspiration for this blogpost came to my mind when I wanted to put some adds on my blog on products that I personally really like. I can still do it, but I don`t want my blog to be full of adds that I don`t earn a single cent on, it`s just annoying. Just saying.

Have a beautiful day Fluff`s!

Very Best <3
Solfrid ASMR 


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