Plans for the New Year

Hello Fluffy`s

I want to let you in on some of my plans this spring relating to my YouTube channel "Solfrid ASMR". I`m not sure if I will manage to get through with them all, but it`s nice to have some plans, right?

1. I will continue to create ASMR videos and grow my YouTube channel. I will learn more about analytics and how to best perform on YouTube. I want to evolve and become better at what I do. Maybe be a little bit more daring too...^^

2. I will work on respecting my own boundaries when it comes to the comment section on YouTube, and other social media platforms. Be more ok with blocking people that makes me uncomfortable, and move on.

3. I`m going to make myself a professional website that I will be in completely control over. This website will mainly be for ASMR and blogging.

4. Will I finish that cookbook? I will have to wait and see until the summer. I want to take some nice pictures with good daylight, which means I will have to recreate every meal in that cookbook. It`s not my biggest priority at this current moment, and it`s also a lot of work.

5. I will sell shirts with my own print! This will happen soon, and this is such a fun extra job for me to do. I love to make personal prints, and I also love clothing. The thought of having my own little shop without having to worry about shipping and custom service feel good and safe. Women first, and men eventually... 

6. I will try out something totally new with my ASMR videos. I will upload them to a new platform as well as YouTube, and see how it goes, and where it will take me eventually. This is something I will let you more in on when it actually happens.

7. Oh. Would it not be nice to share some of my work on Spotify as well? It`s not my first priority, but I really want to try it out if I find time, motivation and energy. 

Well well well. That`s some of my plans for this year.

Take care!




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