My Wooden Eating Utensils

Hello Fluffy Teddy Bears

I have gotten several questions about my wooden eating utensils, or cutlery (fork spoon and chopsticks) that I use in my ASMR eating sounds videos on my YouTube channel Solfrid ASMR.  I bought them on eBay (affiliate link) pretty cheap actually, with free shipping. The pictures on eBay show black treads around the wood, but mine came with brown thread. You can probably take off the thread as well, if you don`t like them. I bought this cutlery for my eating sounds videos, because it is more ASMR friendly, not making loud, sharp noises.  

You can buy my wooden eating utensils here (affiliate link)

Just a little disclaimer. I can not guarantee you`ll get the exact same eating utensils like me, with the brown thread, and the same flowery print on the little blue bag. 


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