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Hello my Fluffy Teddy Bears

I like YouTube very much, and I don`t think there are any better video platform out there at this current moment.  The only thing that have started to bother me, is that my videos often are demonetized, and I have to ask them to manually approve the video for monetization, which makes me loose a lot of views/income in the meantime. It sucks, and I think this is because of their new algorithm, which also affects visibility (views). This started in 2017, and have been going on for months. 

Youtube have all the control which put you as a youtuber in a vulnerable position. It seems to me they can change the rules in an eye blink, where you as a user don`t have a say in it. I don`t understand what they are doing. They are dependent on youtubers to create videos for them, but youtubers will probably move platform if they find a better one, because it`s not really working well anymore.

Have you heard about Steemit and DTube? I can`t really explain all the details, but it`s not centralized like YouTube, where there are some people sitting on the top deciding everything and making the rules. On steemit it is the crowd that decides. You can read more about Steemit here.

I`m really curious abut this new platform and I have opened my own account to try it out. At this current moment I`m not impressed with DTube. Uploading a video takes forever, and I have still not been able to upload a video. It has soon been 24 hours with uploading, and that is so demotivating. I don`t really like the design either, and the lack of settings. But when that is said, I imagine it can become much better with time, and when that happens I will be very glad I`m already inside. Anyways, it can`t hurt to try, right? 

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