People are fucked up

I`m surprised by some fucked up people in my comment section that either don't own a pair of social antennas, or they are just rude. Just so fucking rude. Yes, I'm aware that I'm swearing, and yes I'm aware that I made a video about it. But right now I don't fucking care. Yes in did.

1. I discovered someone putting their discount code (affiliate link) in my comment section, trying to earn from my video. That's rude and disgusting, just saying. I'm also regularly getting spam comments, where people are pretending they like my video, but in reality they are advertising for their own channel or business.

2. Someone complained to me, and told me I should make more videos because this is my full time job. Well, let me tell you. This is a job, but far from a full time job. This seems like heading in the direction of becoming more and more like a hobby to me, and it`s ok.
I don`t think I get what I really deserves from making YouTube videos, and I have worked hard for where I'm now. Creating more videos does not give me a bigger paycheck. I have no control what so ever. It actually doesn`t make any difference to me if I make 2 videos or 6 videos per week. At least that's my experience, so why would I make more videos if I don't want to. I make videos when I'm motivated, want to, and because I enjoy it. I`m giving and giving, and don`t get much back from it. A big audience does not automatically mean a decent paycheck.
I`m sick and tired of working hard, getting so little in return, so I do what I feel like, and right now I`m just tired, unmotivated and grumpy. I`m also tired of nasty people in my comment section.Trolls, haters, stalkers, perverts etc. I`m so done right now. Don't come here nagging me to make more videos, because I will not do it. I`ll do it when I feel like it.

I haven't been feeling my best lately, and I don't feel like explaining. I have a private life.

Take care 



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