ASMR Whisper Head Massage Scalp Check and Hair Treatment

Hey loves. It`s here... I hope you like it, and find it relaxing and tingling. Enjoy! xoxo #asmr #asmrvideo #asmrmassage #headmassage

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Soon very soon new asmr videoASMR whispering head massage and hair and scalp treatment video next up. xoxo #asmr

ASMR Whispering Makeup Vanity Table Video

And here it is.I hope you like it. Happy weekend my fluffy teddybears! xoxo #asmr #asmrvideo

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Coming soon - ASMR Whispering Makeup vanity table video. A girls happy space. Finally after years of dreaming about that place. A makeup vanity table, all dedicated to make me up. It`s here, and it`s all mine. Yay. I thought the day never would come, and I was really fine with it, because I c...


English translate further down Ikke mobb. Jeg vet jeg ser helt merkelig ut med kameraet trykt opp i ansiktet med null sminke. Ble nesten skremt av meg selv et sekund der i begynnelsen. Var usikker p om jeg ville poste dette, men s tenkte jeg med meg selv, og tenkte p andre youtubere som vi...

ASMR Makeup Video Next

Soon. ASMR Makeup video close up, daily makeup with new lip products. Skrekk og gru. I det siste har jeg hatt en ganske drlig hud periode, sammenlignet med hva som er en bra hud periode for meg. Det svinger gjerne opp og ned sammen med de ukontrolerbare hormonene mine, men ogs om jeg har spi...

ASMR Tapping Sounds

To The Finish Lime Follow me on instagram "solfridasmr" for small asmr video clips like this. And of course my asmr nails must get some attention. This week it`s all about the green and greens. OPI nail polish: To The Finish Lime xoxo #asmr

ASMR Whispering Eating Sound Vegetables & Fruit

And here it is. I hope you will enjoy this video. Take care. xoxo #asmr

ASMR eating video next up

Hello sweethearts. Currently uploading an ASMR Whispering raw food (grnnsaker med dipp) eating video. Hope you will enjoy it as much as I did. Stay tuned! xoxo #asmr


Please sit down and relax. I`ve made a magical box for you. Maybe you could try to close your eyes.This video contains different relaxing, calm sounds that I really hope you will enjoy and find tingling. In the beginning I will whisper softly into your ear, introducing you for what to expect, and...

What`s in that magical box?

The magical box with a lot of different relaxing sounds. Hello sweethearts.Here is a sneak peak of what toexpect next from me. Currently uploading the longest video I ever made, with all this hopefully relaxing sounds. Puh... This time it`s all about the sounds. Tapping, scratching, and so...

There must be a Scrunchies Partey

ASMR video planning Do you remember the scrunchies? As a child she got me all this colorful scrunchies, and for years I did wear them as a palm on my forhead holding my bangs out of the way. I remember a red one, and a silver one... And yes, I also remember a bright blue one. There were probab...

ASMR Whispering Hair Play Video

Soon very soon

Hr... og...mer hr..... og...hestehale...og... "smile to the camera" og...hrtopp...igjen og igjen og igjen... Hper du finner det avslappende og tingeling. STAY TUNED! Ha en nydelig dag i sprengkulda! SmAsK #asmr

ASMR Whispering Hair Role Play

Please sit down and prepare yourself for some relaxing hair treatment #asmr

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Me and you, we do not talk much, but I will sure do my best to make your hair look pretty gorgeous!Just sit down and relax, and I will do the work. Currently uploading an ASMR Whispering Hair Role Play Stay tuned! xoxo

Behind the scenes of asmr neck massage video

ASMR Whispering Food Shopping Haul

God morgen kjre blogglesere. Det tok natten f lastet opp denne videoen, men n er den endelig her. Ha en fin dag!

Soon very soon

Currently uploading an ASMR food shopping haul for you. It will probably be out tomorrow, depending on the internet speed and connection. This video was requested, so I hope you will enjoy it. and maybe find some inspiration as well, or ideas for food to buy. And of course, I hope it will be rela...

ASMR Whispering Neck Massage

Today I did a neck massage video on hubby. I hope you will find it relaxing and tingeling. Enjoy! #asmr

Next out!

ASMR Whispering Neck Massage Currently uploading an relaxing asmr neck massage video for you guys, and this time I have a model, my one and only, hubby himself. Stay tuned! #asmr

Thank you!

Hello dear readers and asmr subscribers. First of all I want to thank you! I`ts because of you this is way more fun. Making whispered asmr videos for you, and be apart of something I really like, where I can contribute. I feel that I have found one hobby that I like doing, and also sharing. I`m ...

ASMR Whispering Eating Potato Chips


Soon very soon ASMR Whispering Favorite Snack Video

Currently uploading an ASMR video, eating away on my favorite snack. Stay tuned!


ASMR Stands for autonomous sensory meridian response. It is the relaxing tingling feeling you get in your scalp and head, down your neck and body, from calm, triggering, soothing sounds and visual stimuli. Tapping, hair brushing, whispering, scratching, touching. The list could go on&nb...

ASMR Whispering Makeup Routine

Jeg synes denne videoen ble litt langt ifra egentlig, s jeg skal lage en video der kameraet er nrt ansiktet mitt, og viser kun ansiktet mitt, slik at man kan se porer, rdhet og eventuelle urenheter, slik at man virkelig kan se den gode dekkevnen til it cosmetic selebration foundation. Ellers ...

Currently uploading a new asmr video

Hello sweethearts. Currently uploading a new ASMR video for you guys. This time an asmr whispering makeup routine video. I hope you will enjoy it. Stay tuned. xoxo Ps. Look at the beautiful knitting jacket I`m wearing. My baby sister made it for me in christmas present, and I`m apselutel...