ASMR Whisper Robot Role Play ❤︎ I Will Fix You


Can I fix you?

I tried I dont know Did I manage? I will try fix you my fluffy teddy bear.  There will be som Robot care soon. Do not look into my safety protection glasses if you want to make this real. I did not know there would be reflection.    Stay tuned!   #asmr &n...

ASMR Nakke Massasje


What to expect next

Okidoki A new asmr massage video has been requested for some time now, and since his neck got so red last time, I wanted to challenge myself, and try to not make it so red this time. Well... It did not get soooooo red, but it was ismpossible for me to not make it red at all.  But at l...

ASMR Whisper Eating Sounds SaNdWiCh



Smrbrd Vrterl. Alkoholfri energi drikk. #asmr

ASMR Outfit

  Ha en fin dag! #asmr    

Outfit of the day

Snart snart snart. Skal laste opp asmr outfit video til dere snart.  Og denne gangen har jeg sko p. Jippi!! Og s har jeg p meg min eldgamle jeans som gir meg skikkelig merkelig rompestompe. But but. Thar`s life. ;) Meg og min mini rompe. Alle romper kan jo ikke...

ASMR Makeup Role Play

Today I`m doing your makeup. Just sit down and relax.   #asmr

Soon very soon

Yesterday I could not make myself record any asmr videos, because I was not in the mood for it at all, even if it was the plan. I did eat up my guilty pleasure food also (pommes frites), that I was planning on eating with you guys, becasue it was requested, but I guess it was just ...

ASMR Knekkebrd


Come Plan With Me

ASMR Planning My Life So if you did read my latest post you know that this is just special for for you my blogreaders. In the moment video using Photo Booth (computer camera), not planned at all. Bad quality and bad sounds, so therefor I will not have this public on my youtube&n...

ASMR keyboard Typing Writing In My Diary

Hello dear blog readers. This is just special for you who follows my blog. This was really not planned. I was just sitting in front of my computer, and then I thought it would be fun to just play a video on my photobooth (computer camera) while I was writing in my Diary. I will not publish...

Askeladden som stjal slvendene til trollet

For kunne se denne videoen m du trykke p overskriften, slik at du kommer direkte til youtubekanalen min. Har gjort noen endringer for gjre det vanskeligere for folk misbruke videoene mine. Dette gr dessverre litt utover meg ogs, men slik fr det bare vre. #asmr


Soon I will read you a Norwegian fairy tale in Norwegian Stay tuned and happy weekend!

Dagens Outfit



Heisann hoppsann!   Det er p tide med herlige avslappende barberskum lyder, og plastikk hansker.   Det var gy leke seg med barberskum. Litt snn terapi egentlig. Anbefaler deg prve det samme om du er p utskikk etter en mte slappe av p, der du nsker f fokuset v...


I will report you right away!  Someone have dowloaded my asmr video and uploaded it up to their own youtube channel, adding google adds on my video. That is not ok at all. Taking credit or just using my material to get wievs, subscribers or whatever. Not ok. It makes me really ups...

Mat m man ha

N er det p tide med et mltid igjen, og det er alltid en glede spise med dere.    Ha en fin dag!   #asmr

ASMR Nail Filing Sounds (No Talking)


Soon very soon

Hello my fluffy teddy`s and happy Monday! It will be all about the nail filing sounds in my next video. No talking, only filing.  I wish you a wonderful day and night.  Stay tuned! xoxo #asmr


Wow. I just hit 2000 subscribers and I`m so thankful and happy about it. A big thanks to you all, my fluffy teddy bears that like my videos, and supports me. I don`t think you can imagine how much this means to me. But what can I say, it means a lot, and in many areas in my li...

What`s on my iPhone ASMR

Heisann   Hello sweethearts and happy weekend. This video was requested, and I was thinking this could be a fun video to to, so here it is. Hope you like it. GOD HELG! xoxo   #asmr    

I`m in love with Polo Ralph Lauren Swimsuit

ASMR Whisper Unboxing package from zalando, my favorite online store.    #asmr

Reading you a fairy tale


Hubba Bubba


Spise video ASMR

Heisann dere. Da er spisevideon opplastet og klar til spille. Denne gangen har jeg mikrofonen min ved siden av meg, og jeg synes lyden ble veldig bra, men ikke s bra som den ville vrt om jeg hadde den p kragen min. N er det jo slik at jeg har ftt en rekke tilbakemeldinger fra mine abo...

Stay tuned for this yummy meal

Today I`m eating with my michrophone next to me, and on the menu it`s salad, pizza and some chocholate covered strawberries. Yummy for tummy Stay tuned! xoxo #asmr

ASMR mikrofon

Jeg har ftt mange gode tilbakemeldinger p mikrofonen jeg bruker, og jeg er veldig fornyd med den. Mye mikrofon for en billig penge. Jeg tror jeg kjpte min p tilbud i jula. Men husker ikke eksakt pris.  Jeg har ogs lagt merke til, og ogs ftt tilbakemeldinger p at det kommer litt irr...

ASMR Whispering Tapping Scratching Crinkle



I received some late "christmas" gifts this week, and I think it had some nice sound to it, so I want to show you what I got, and make some nice and relaxing sounds. Maybe you will find it tingling to.  Stay tuned! xoxo   #asmr

ASMR Eating Sounds Curry Wok


ASMR Crinkle Sounds


Soon some crinkling sounds

There will be paper sounds... crinkle crinkle And there will be plastic sounds. And I love coffee, so I could not miss the nice, and calm sound from this bag. I also did buy myself some makeup removal cleansing wipes, to use before cleansing my face. I keep it in the fridge for it to n...

ASMR Nail Filing and Nail Polish Application

  Have a wonderful day, and take care!   xoxo     #asmr  

Soon very soon

Currently uploading nail filing and nail polish application asmr video for relaxation and tingeling. Nailpolish from O.P.I  in the color Don`t Give a Rotterdam. Fingers cross that you like it. Until then, take care my fluffy teddy bears! xoxo   #asmr