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Hei og god kveld i luken. Har du lyst til stille meg noen sprsml, kan du enten stille de i kommentarfeltet til denne videoen, alts p youtube, sende meg en melding privat p youtube, eller sende meg en mail, hvis du ikke har youtube konto. Svar vil komme i en ny video i lpet...

ASMR Whisper Eating Sounds

Happy weekend my fluffy teddybears! Sincerely   #asmr  

Thank you sweet hearts out there

Wow. I just need to take the time to thank you for all your cute and wonderful words that you have been sending me lately over at youtube. It warms me up, and makes me really happy. Maybe you would not believe this, but I do have this problem of mine, often thinking negative destructive thoughts ...

What`s so great about making ASMR videos

.... beside all the health benefits Hello fluffy`s So I just want to share some thoughts with you.  I have been blogging for years and years. Hmm... .Let me see. I think I for real learned about how to use internet in 2001 when I moved to a boarding school, also called high school. From...

ASMR Hand Movement Whisper Norwegian Funny Facts


Se meg brste hret.

En ny ASMR hr video er oppe p youtuben min. Hper du liker den.    Ha en nydelig dag!   #asmr

Soon very soon

Hello fluffy teddy bears Some of you lve hair sounds. Right? Well, I do to. There will be a new hair brushing video up soon.  Stay tuned. Sincerely   #asmr

Spise igjen da?


ASMR Whisper Sleep Relaxation | Hand Movements | Face Touching | Dried Flower Sound

  Sincerely   #asmr  

Let me help you sleep

Hei fluffy`s Can I help you sleep, or maybe just relax? I will try.  Listen to my whispering voice.  Follow me into your forest. Let go of my hand, and walk. You are safe now. Dont`t look back. No past, no present. Only now The world is gone. It`s only you, your love, what y...

ASMR trigger list

Hello my fluffy teddy bears. I hope you all are doing okey, and that you had a lovely weekend. I find myself thinking about you every day. I  want to make a list and gather all the ASMR triggers on one place for me, and for you. Just all the triggers that I can think of right no...

ASMR Whisper Hand Movement & face touching

What is love?   #asmr  

What is love?

Soon there will be finger movements, stroking, touching your face and talking about the only thing that really matters to me LOVE.  Have you ever been sick in love, in love, loved, felt loved, missed out on love, or even been heartbroken? Let`s just think a little bit ov...

ASMR Plastic Bag Relaxation Sounds

Hope you like it. Take care! Sincerely   #asmr  

Soon very soon

Heisann hoppsann fallerallera Snart blir det en helt vanlige plastpose lyd video. Poser fra dagligvare handelen, og noen andre butikker. Bruker de stort sett til sppel. Av og til blir det altfor mange av de, og da er det greit ta seg en pause fra posekjpet, og heller...

ASMR Eating Chips

Happy weekend fluffy teddy bears! Sincerely   #asmr

ASMR Sketchbook Page Turning Tapping & Scratching

#asmr Sincerely  


I will take you through my sketch book that I have finished. Drawing down feelings is really good therapy. I recommend you try that yourself. Stay tuned for some no talking page turning, tapping, scratching and touching.   Best regards  Solfrid

ASMR Whisper Tapping & Scratching Unboxing


Birthday Present From Hubby

There will soon be a lot of tapping, touching and some scratching. Unboxing gift from hubby I  want to show you what hubby got for my birthday Something that I love A bag And a card holder   Stay tuned! xoxo


Makeup and hair   Hope you like it, and I wish you a wonderful day!   xoxo     #asmr  

I morgen den dag

Get ready with me. Just doing my makeup and hair.  Stay tuned!



Soon Very Soon

There will be a new eating video up real soon. Please dont mind the food that is stuck in my teeth after eating (why did you not tell me? Just kidding.). That`s just life. And yes, I know you can see into my ear as well sometimes, but at least it is a clean ear. Lol. I`m just a human with all tha...

ASMR helps psychological issues

I have received feedback from several of you, letting me know that my videos have helped you in different kind of ways. That makes me always so happy, and I want to just say thank you for sharing with me, it means a lot.    Making ASMR helps me in many differ...