ASMR Eventyr Smrbukk


ASMR Pillow Scratching Sounds

  Have a nice day! #asmr  


Helleu fluffy`s Soon very soon there, will be some... .... ASMR Pillow Scratching touching I hope you will find it relaxing and tingling. I want to thank you for all your nice comments lately, and support. There is so many of you that appreciate my ASMR, and that means a lot ...

ASMR Whisper Eating Sounds

Enjoy! Sincerely   #asmr    

Snart mer ASMR - sunn mat- spise lyder

mmmm Hello sweet hearts Currently uploading a new eating video, and this time I`m eating a homemade cauliflower soup, and a delicious salad with some dried apricot that make it taste really yummy. Stay tuned! Sincerely    #asmr

ASMR - Skriver Det Norske Alfabetet Med Penn

#asmr Heisann hoppsann og god kveld i luken. Jeg hper dere finner denne videoen avslappende og tingeling. Ha det bra s lenge. Snx  

Soon Very Soon

Hmmm Can we get some relaxing sounds out of this pen? Hello fluffy`s Soon there will be some notebook Norwegian alphabet writing with a pen, and some whispering as well. Stay tuned! Sincerely   #asmr

Time to expand the equipments

Hello fluffy teddy bears I`m happy with the microphone that I have. My very first ASMR microphone. The Hama Stereo Digital Clip Microphone. It is cheap, and it picks up the sounds really good I think, and is very easy to use. But but but. There is always a but....

ASMR Whisper Fashion Haul Unboxing Try On



Soon there will be an ASMR Whisper fashion haul unboxing, tapping video with some scratching and crinkle sounds from one of my favorite online stores zalando.  I love unboxing... It is always so exciting.  And ooo, I love my little pillow friends. Stay tuned! &nbs...

Spise spise spise mat mat mat


Soon Very Soon

Hello fluffy`s Stay tuned for a new asmr eating sounds video I`m trying to not talk during the eating so you can relax more. There will be som delicious food. And some hot stuff as well.. Have a wonderful day or night and thank you so much for visiting my blog.  &nbs...

5000 Fluffy Teddy Bears

Hello hello hello my sweet and fluffy teddy bears I`m so happy that you want to be a part of my teddy world. It is maybe a fantasy, imaginary world, but we all need a little bit of that in our daily life, dont we? ^^ At least I do. You are my therapy, so please don`t leave.   Wow. I ha...

ASMR Men's Hair Wash

Hello my dear blog readers Today I was a lucky girl, because my one and only husband let me wash his hair in front of the camera for an ASMR video for you guys. I made sure he was sitting more comfortable this time, on a chair, and he actually enjoyed it more because h...

ASMR Eating Sounds Crunchy Taco

#asmr So I was not really planning making any videos today, but the "weather, inside my head" was good, the weather outside too, and I really just felt like making one, so I did. Hope you will enjoy this video and find it relaxing. Less talking this time.  Btw. The tacos was so y...

Finding my boundaries

In the prossess of making asmr videos, I have had to ask myself questions "is this ok?" "is this appropriate, and what is appropriate to me?" "Am I doing this to get more wives when I`m maybe not comfortable doing it?" "What attention do I want, and from whom? " and am I comfo...

ASMR Back Massage Role Play


ASMR Whisper Eating Sounds

#asmr   Vi prver p nytt! 

Stay Tuned

Edit: I`m so sorry, but something went totally wrong with the editing and uploading. Luckily I kept the original, so I will have to edit it all over again. It is suppose to be a 25 minutes long video, and not 6 minutes. :-S Well well. These kind of things happens. To be continued. ;-)   He...

The very first ASMR video I saw

Hello fluffy`s I want to share with you the first ASMR video I can remember that I saw, and that I experienced tingles from, and that was a hair brushing video.  This hair brushing and hair treatment video felt so lovely and relaxing to me, so I asked my husband if he could d...

ASMR Whisper Q&A | Answering Your Questions | Relax or Sleep


Soon Very Soon

Hello fluffy`s  I`m so happy right now, because today I was able answering you questions, meaning recording an ASMR video for you guys. It will be an one hour long video, because it were many questions. I hope you will get to know me a little bit better.  Stay...