Soon very Soon

Currently uploading an ASMR Whisper NT Review -  Ready For Takeoff, Peelable Base Coat. When I ordered this product I also received a free gift, a beautiful nail polish, the one I`m wearing, and I`m talking a little bit about that one to. There will be Whispering,...

The kitten who lost her mother

Hello my fluffy teddy bears! Now I`m almost starting panicking, because it has been a while since my last hello. It is summertime meaning...... and I went on a little roadtrip. Right Now I`m just tired and exhausted, and I have been a little bit stressed out lately, meaning ...

My Comment Section On Youtube

I guess I need to grow som tick skin Hello sweethearts I have missed you so much on my channel!! I disabled the comment section on all my videos, but I guess it would have been enough to only do it on one video in particular, or the eating sounds videos. I was just so sick and tired of get...

ASMR Hair Brushing & Hair Play

Time for some hair brushing relaxation. Hope you like it and find it relaxing.  Have a nice day or night!  Sincerely #asmr

Next up

Stay tuned for some ASMR hair brushing sounds #asmr

Bon apetite!

#asmr   Time to prepare another asmr video for you guys.  Have a beautiful day! Med vennlig hilsen Solfrid

Soon very Soon

Hello you sweet hearts out there, or in there, in my screen.  Stay tuned for some eating sounds. Today I spent quite some time in the "kitchen" preparing a delicious meal for you (me) guys.  And I also made myself some fresh Lime water And now.... I`m going to ans...

10K Fluffy Teddy Bears

Wow fluffy`s, and hello fluffy`s  I have now reached ten thousand of fluffy teddy bears (subscribers). Can you believe it?  That is just a little bit unreal. Like, I can not take it in over me yet. Is it big or not? And have I done a good job, or what happened? Should I be pr...

To much

Hello fluffy`s Hope you all are doing very well, and that you enjoyed your weekend in one way or another. So what`s next? Lately there have just been to much comments to approve on my eating videos, and at least half of them must be from people that are not into ASMR, and does not know wh...

ASMR 3Dio Whisper Ear To Ear

Happy Weekend! #asmr

Testing out the 3Dio

Hello fluffy`s Today I tested my 3Dio Free Space the way I usually see it used by ASMR artist on youtube. With the ears in front of me, and in front of you.  There will be plastic sounds, scratching, tapping, whispering, ear blowing, some mouth sounds, hand movement...

ASMR Nail Tapping


Spaghetti med Vegan Kjttsaus

En ny asmr video er publisert p youtube kanalen min Solfrid ASMR. Hper dere liker den, og finner den avslappende.      nsker alle mine fluffye blogglesere en superduper dag!   Med vennlig hilsen   #asmr  

Soon very soon

Soon very soon there will be an new ASMR eating sounds video up. This time some vegetarian spaghetti.  There have been a lot of different people stumbling across one of my eating videos, and that is great really, but I must tell you there is so many out there that have no clue what ASM...

Some changes

Hello my Fluffy Teddy Bears I have been kind of quit this week. I just needed some time off, focusing on other things.  I just want to let you know that from now on there will be google adds in the beginning of my videos (at least some of them). I will of course ...

ASMR Tapping Crinkle | Unboxing 3Dio Binaural Microphone


Stay tuned

Soon there will be an ASMR Whisper tapping, crinkle, unboxing video. Can you guess what`s inside? XD Clue: It is something for my ASMR channel.  Sincerely   #asmr

ASMR What`s in my bag


Spise Lyder ASMR


My Skincare Routine Spring/Summer 2016


Soon My Skincare Routine

I love cosmetics and makeup, for not mentioning fashion and pretty things. I just love it.  So this time I will share with you my currently skincare routine, and it changes through seasons and stress related issues. I wonder if I should make an skincare routine every for every season. Lik...