My favorite poet

My favorite poet speaks right to my heart, My favorite poet don`t stop with that art, My favorite poet your words are like birds, And in a short moment I feel completely cured, My favorite poet you feel like I do, Your words are like fire,  I simply a...

Kitten Eating Sounds, Purring & Play

<3 #asmr    

Stay Tuned!

Hello my fluffy teddy bears! Stay tuned for an ASMR video with Odin. There will be some eating sounds, cat purring and play.  Happy weekend and take care!! Sincerely

ASMR Whisper Shoe Collection


Soon very soon

Today I recorded an ASMR Whisper Shoe Collection video, where I show you my shoes, while tapping, whispering and scratching. Hopefully it will be relaxing and maybe tingling. Stay tuned! It will hopefully be up on my channel tomorrow.  Have a beautiful day or night my dear bl...

Pizza Time

Hello my fluffy teddy bears. This video is from the day that I recorded four videos in one day. It was crazy, but fun! Well this was the fourth one. I just freaked out because it was summer holiday, and I was not sure how it would be with the regular recording and uploading, so I made some e...

One Million Views!!!

Let us just take a moment fluffy`s... and think about this funny little fact... One of my videos have now had over one million views. Like 1000.000 Views. I hope I wrote it right, with six sero`s? That is just so awesome!! A lot of views, a lot of hate hate hate, but also a lot of løøøø...

ASMR Relaxing Sounds

Hello my Fluffy Teddy Bears   It`s time for some relaxing seagrass basket sounds. You can close your eyes if you want to, and focus on the sounds.  I really hope you like it and find it relaxing and tingling. Good night! Sincerely #asmr

Eta Eple?

Hello my fluffy teddy bears   I made this video a while ago, but I did not feel like publish it at the time. I didn`t like it, but now I think it`s totally fine. Sometimes when I look at myself when editing a video, or looking at a picture I think I look really ...

Thoughts about doing youtube and my ASMR channel

How to deal with business inquiries, sponsorships, hate comments, youtube goals, income, unwanted attention, anxiety, seductiveness.    If you want to hear my real voice, this is the time to press play. ;-)   Thoughts about my youtube process over at Solfrid ASM...


My husband has subscribed to this man`s channel on youtube, and he showed me one of his videos. I think he have some very important things to say that I want to share with you guys, and I really like this video. It made me think a lot about my own behavior and feelings toward ...

ASMR One Hour Coloring

Hello fluffy`s    Her it is. I hope you like it and find it relaxing. If you have head phones on you can unfortunately hear the background noise from the traffic outside much better, but hopefully you might find that relaxing as well. I tried to remove the background noise...


Stay tuned for an hour long ASMR coloring and page turning. Sometimes it can be nice with some longer videos as well, even if I prefer them to stay between 20-40 minutes. The finished result turned out pretty messy I think, but it`s for relaxing purposes, so it should be ...

Mjau mjau

Happy weekend from me and my bundle of energy Odin to all you fluffy teddybears out there. I received a lot of nice comments on my latest video, and I want to thank you so much for that. And even if I don`t respond to every comments on youtube, I do manage to read a lot of them,&n...

Vegetarian Sushi Eating Sounds


Soon very soon, and favorite author

Tomorrow there will be an ASMR eating sounds video up on my channel. Vegetarian Sushi.  Stay tuned for that! ^^ So you guys, I have another favorite writer I want to share with you, and that is Karl Ove Knausgård. Have you heard about him? He is just amazing, and a...

Good morning

Hello my dear subscribers You have maybe noticed a different in my uploading routine the past couple of weeks. This is because my dear husband have had, and still has summer holiday, and things have been really hectic around here with so much to be done. Usually I have had this routine of mi...

15K Fluffy Teddy Bears Appreciation

Hello my fluffy teddy bears I have now reached 15000 of fluffy teddy bears, meaning subscribers, and I`m so happy, and feel so lucky that so many of you enjoy my ASMR. Thank you for sticking around my channel. And for those of you who read my blog, it`s really nice, because it gives me...

My cats

My two grown up cats. Tommy & Mia. They are siblings, and I have had them for about nine years now. They love to be outside in the summertime.  And then there is little Odin. Kitten is sooooo freaking adorable. Trying to enjoy this baby period. He is growing so fast. My dog Ramb...

Fashion Haul Unboxing Try On

  Happy weekend!   Sincerely #asmr


Hello fluffy`s Soon there will be an ASMR Whisper unboxing fashion haul, try on video, and the products are sponsored. There will be whispering and som crinkle sounds. Looking forward to showing you what I got.   This video was kind of an experience for me. Knowin...

How to respond to hate comments

Is not to respond at all! It seems like people either hate me or love me. I can not please everyone, and I don't expect that either. But for people staying around when they don't like me is kind of weird to me.  I figured out I should not respond to hate comments at all, because ...

ASMR Whisper Go To Sleep Relaxation

Mouth & Hand Sounds   #asmr



I want you to meet my kitten

He is a boy and... We are going to keep him We are almost sure about his name.... Stay tuned for an ASMR Whisper Kitten Eating Sounds & cuddle video      

ASMR Whisper Base Coat Rewiev

  Happy Weekend, and stay tuned for upcoming ASMR videos.  #asmr  


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