True Happiness Begins When You Allow Yourself To Be Yourself

Hello My Fluffy Teddy Bears This is really a message for the once that are not my Fluffy`s tho, but still watches my videos and really wish to change me in one way or another. For some people, or even many my eating videos ar not relaxing at all. They think it`s too load, they think I ...

Done Being Used

I`m not doing free sponsorships anymore, except one package that is already on it`s way, and also sometimes if there is something that I really need, or planning to purchase myself. I can put it like this. I`m not advertising for other companies for free anymore, an...

Slafs slafs slafs

Hello My Fluffy Teddy Bears Time for another eating sounds video. Let`s dig in on that delicious beetroot snack, and take a sip of that apple ginger tonic. ;-) Enjoy! Sincerely #asmr

ASMR Cranial Nerve Exam

Hello my Fluffy Teddy Bears My first doctor role-play video is now up on my youtube channel Solfrid ASMR. I hope you like it, and find it relaxing and tingling. Just sit down, or lay down, and relax, and I will check your cranial nerve system. You are welcome to follow me on Instagram...

Vlog & Grocery Haul

Hello My Fluffy Teddy Bears   I have made a couple of videos for you on my daily life channel "dopyen". I hope you like it. Enjoy! ^^ Sincerely

Soon Very Soon ASMR Role Play

Hello Fluffy`s Stay tuned for an ASMR Whisper Cranial nerve examination Role Play. And there are probably no need for me to say this, but I will do it anyway. I`m not a doctor, nurse or anything like that. This is just me acting.  Have a nice day or night, and take care! :0...

ASMR Fashion & Beauty Haul Review and Try On

Hello My Fluffy Teddy Bears!   I hope you like this video and find it relaxing and tingling. I wish you a beautiful day or night and take care! :-) Sincerely

Soon Very Soon

Hello My Fluffy Teddy Bears Soon there will be an ASMR Whisper Fashion & Beauty Haul Try On Relaxation up on my channel, with some crinkle and tapping sounds as well. The video turned out about 1 hour long.  Stay Tuned! Sincerely

Where are you?

I`m  right here  I always was I always will

ASMR Whisper Eating Sounds

Hello Fluffy`s   ASMR Whisper Eating Sounds is now up on my ASMR youtube channel "Solfrid ASMR". I hope you will enjoy, and find it relaxing and tingling. You are welcome to subscriber here, like my twitter here, and follow me on instagram here. HaPpY Weekend!  :0) Sinc...

Soon Very Soon

Hello my Fluffy Teddy Bears Soon it`s time for some delicious homemade food, and ASMR eating sounds. I hope you will enjoy this meal, and find it relaxing, tingling and maybe inspirational.  Stay tuned Fluffy`s and happy weekend. I appreciate you so much! Sincerely ...

ASMR Thinking Putty Sounds Relaxation

Hello My Fluffy Teddy Bears.  New video is up, and I really hope you will find this video relaxing and tingling. Here is me without any makeup. Buhuuu... But I just think i`m doing something important for myself, experimenting with cold water and no cosmetics. The goal is basically to...

Stay Tuned

Hello my Fluffy Teddy Bears Stay tuned for some thinking putty sounds ear to ear relaxation.  Sincerely  

Craving Makeup

Hello Fluffy`s Can you believe it. I`m sitting on my laptop craving makeup like a crazy person. I want to buy this, and I want to buy that, and it dawned on me it`s kind of a long time since I bought makeup. Lol. I wonder if it`s because I`m not allowing myself to wear anything for a month,...

ASMR Meet my Dog Rambo

Hello my Fluffy Teddy Bears I will introduce you to all my pets eventually, and today it`s all about my sweetheart Rambo. I know many of you have been wishing to meet them.  Most of you have already met Odin. He has grown a lot since last time, so I will have to show him...

Cold Showers & Quit Cosmetic Products

ASMR Whisper Important Topics | Cold Showers & Quit Cosmetic Products | Challenge & Experiment Hello my Fluffy Teddy Bears I`m starting with something new. It will be a video series called "Important Topics, where I talk about something that I find interesting and important, trying to sh...

ASMR Unboxing Ring Light First Impression Review

Hello My Fluffy Teddy Bears Here is my ring light. If you are working with youtube, photo or video in some way or another this might be an option for you. I figured out this light does not make it look like you are wearing foundation. I kind of imagined that it would. But it`...

Soon Very Soon

Hello my Fluffy Teddy Bears Today I unboxed the light ring I ordered. I made an ASMR Whisper unboxing, first impression, review video. Link to product here: I don`t know exactly what I feel about it yet. I need to use it for some ti...

ASMR Coloring and Page Turning

Hello Fluffy`s I`m happy to tell you that a new video is up on my channel. I hope you like it and find it relaxing and tingling.    KEEP CALM AND STAY STRONG :-)   Sincerely

Stay Tuned

Stay tuned Fluffy`s. An ASMR Coloring and Page Turning Session 2 is soon up on my channel, and this time no talking. Let us just say I need to recover from last weeks internet trolls. My comment section is closed on all my videos, and this time it will stay like this until I get tick skin. ...

Are you vegetarian or vegan?

Are you a vegetarian or vegan? That is a question I get asked frequently in my comment section, and from now on my public answer is no. I`m not anything. I eat food that I love, and that I feel is right for me. Vegetarian food, and sometimes vegan food happens to be something...

Eating Sounds (ASMR)

Warning! Hardcore eating sounds and slurping. And remember, you don`t have to watch if it`s not your cup of tea. And no, don't you worry, I never eat like this in public. ^^   Bon appetit! #asmr


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