ASMR Whisper Shopping Haul Unboxing

Happy weekend my Fluffy Teddy Bears! Sincerely #asmr    

Fall In Norway 2016

Hello Fluffy`s The sun was out today, and it feels like I haven`t seen the sun in a very long time now. So strange it popped out today. This are just some no talking video clips of my pets, and our beautiful fall nature on my daily life and vlog channel dopyen. Just felt...

ASMR Whisper Eating Sounds

Hello my Fluffy Teddy Bears Lately I have been really tired and burned out. I think it may be the season. It just happens every year, same time. The sun is gone. It`s all darkness and cloudy outside, and inside. I just feel really angry, sad, anxious, upset, and everything seems so meaningless a...

For **** sake, I`m not a vegan

I`m starting to get annoyed by the vegan army, and that is exactly the reason i don`t want to be a public vegan. What I label myself in my private life is private. Just because I prefer most vegan ingredients over other things, does not mean I will always exclude everything, and I will not justi...

ASMR Nail Filing (No Talking)

Hello my Fluffy Teddy Bears    Time for some no talking relaxing nail filing sounds. I hope you find this video relaxing and tingling. I wish you a beautiful day or night and take care! Happy weekend! :-) Sincerely!   #asmr  

When is a product sponsored?

When is a product sponsored? What about tax?   Hello My Fluffy Teddy Bears I have noticed that several youtubers claim that the product is not sponsored in their description, even if they get free products sent to them to promote on their channel. I got really confused abo...


When I`m watching and listening to an ASMR video.... Getting tingles I     #asmr

Unboxing Menstrual Cup (ASMR)


Life changing information

I recently watched this video and I think it contains a lot of important information. I feel I got more insight now about the dairy industry than I did before, and I believe it`s easier for me to quit it completely. I really want to quit, so I hope I manage and don`t forget my stro...

ASMR Ear Cleaning & Ear Blowing Massage

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Soon Very Soon

Hello my Fluffy Teddy Bears Soon very soon ASMR Whisper Ear To Ear Blowing & Cleaning With Latex Gloves Stay tuned! Sincerely - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - Join my Fluffy Teddy Bear squad ➜

Cauliflower Soup Recipe

recipe further down Hello my Fluffy Teddy Bears Many of you Fluffy´s have requested a recipe on my delicious homemade cauliflower soup, and of course I want to share it with you. This soup is a good substitute for your salty cravings on potato chips, or chips in general. I`m definitel...

ASMR Whisper Eating Sounds Cauliflower Soup


ASMR Cardboard Scratching



Jeeeeeeeeeese Can you believe it! The autofocus on my camera has bothered me for some time now, and I just sat down with it and started pushing some buttons, trying to figure out if there are other options and it`s actually two other options to choose from which would probably hav...

40.000 Fluffy Teddy Bears

One Fluffy Teddy Bear. This is my best friend Tommy, and he has decided that his bed is in the bathroom sink. This is his most adorable position so far(in the sink tho).  <3   So hello My Dear and Fluffy Teddy Bears out there.  It`s time for an subscription appreciation,...

ASMR update on Cold Showers & Quitting Cosmetic Products Challenge


Stay tuned

Hello My Fluffy Teddy Bears Stay tuned for an ASMR Whisper update on my Cold Shower, Cold Water Cleansing and No Cosmetic Products challenge. Don`t ya worry Fluffey! I will give you all the juicy details!^^  And on top of that I will also be sharing with you my natural,&n...

Never ask for something that should be offered

My Thoughts About Collaborations Lately I have received some requests from youtubers that want to collab with me, and I just want to share my thoughts and feelings around this subject. So what is collaboration?  It is youtubers/channels coming together, making videos, featuring each other...

ASMR Glass Tapping


Tingles all over my head

I want to share with you an ASMR artist that has given me a lot of tingles tonight, and I believe it was yesterday as well, or the day before, when a Fluffy Teddy Bear suggested the channel to me. So I will link some videos for you to watch. Excellent tapping and finger sounds on different o...

The Other type Of ASMR

Hello my Dear and Fluffy Teddy Bears It`s different kinds of ways to do ASMR. 1. There is the type of ASMR where you only show your hands, or your mouth when you eat. That you never show your face. 2. Then there is the typ of ASMR where you show your whole face. And then it is the quit where you...

ASMR Eating Sounds

Hello my Fluffy Teddy Bears   The time has arrived for me to put up the carrot pasta eating sounds. Aaaaaaand and and and.... Please don`t mind my ear rings. Hubby made them to me just for fun, when we played with polymer clay. I thought it would be funny to wear them ...

Candy & Snacks Taste Testing Colombia


Stay Tuned

Soon very soon Fluffy`s, a taste testing. I have often enjoyed watching videos like this, people tasting food from different places of the world. I thought it would be fun to make one myself when they asked me If I wanted to taste their snack, and I also thought you would be really happy. I...

Nydelig Sminke Fra Limecrime

Hello My Fluffy Teddy Bears Time to unbox this beautiful box from Limcrime, doing some nail tapping, scratching and crinkle sounds. I hope you find it relaxing. And also I`m sorry about the sensor in this video. I totally forgot to remove some privat information. But I`m sure I`ll reme...

Behind The Scene Food Preparations

Hello Fluffy`s. Just a Lo Fi video with Photo Booth, of me preparing for an ASMR food eating sounds. I had to take a break in the middle of an ASMR video session, because of some load noise outside. So I could not use my good quality camera because it was already set up for me to c...

ASMR Art Book Page Turning Relaxation (No Talking)

Hello Fluffy`s Time to be a proud little sister, sharing with you my big brothers amazing art. He has been a big inspiration to me since I was a little child and I just really want to share with you his amazing pictures. I hope you will enjoy this video and find it relaxing a...

I appreciate your comments & Allow Yourself To Be Goofy

Hello my dear and Fluffy Teddy Bears If you want to be sure I get your comment, please write it on my latest video within 24h. If you write a comment on an old video it will most likely get lost. I could have gone through thousands of comments, but it would not be a healthy thing for m...


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