Happy Halloween

Hello my Fluffy Teddy Bears Just stopping by to say HAPPY HALLOWEEN

ASMR Whisper Unboxing Health Products

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ASMR Unboxing Health Food (No Talking)

Hello my Fluffy Teddy Bears and happy weekend. New ASMR video is now up on my YouTube Channel. I hope you will enjoy it and find it relaxing and tingling. I also watched a documentary today that I want to reccomend to you. The name is What the health. You can watch it on Netflix or YouTube....

Christmas Gift P.O. Box

My Post box address for Christmas 2017: The post box is now CLOSED.  I don`t offer a public post box address anymore. I want the interaction to be in the comment section of my YouTube videos. I prefer to interact with you through my YouTube videos, due to security reason...

Cookbook Progress

I think it`s difficult to write a cookbook, and it`s not like I think my recipes is the most wonderful in the world either. I like my recipes, but I don`t expect you to.  But then again, often I buy cookbooks, and don`t find their recipes the most wonderful either, and it ...

Rydde I Klesskapet Hst 2017

Ja HEI HEI kjre folkens. N er det jammen meg p tyde rydde i skapet, bde bokstavelig talt og mentalt. Denne gangen er det ikke love snu, ja det kan du tru. huhu. HELLO MY FLUFFY TEDDY BEARS. I love to clean out my closet, and I already did it this spring, so this time there were not...

ASMR Whisper Eating Sounds | Oatmeal Breakfast

Happy weekend my dear and Fluffy Teddy Bears! Solfrid

How did you change to a plant based diet?

Hello my Fluffy Teddy Bears I received a question on my YouTube channel that I want to answer on my blog as well. How did you change to a plant based diet?  It was a process for me. About 7-8 years ago I took a challenge "30 days for the animals", eating only vegetarian food. It migh...

A lot of different thoughts

Hello my Fluffy Teddy Bears My hormons are all over the place lately, and you can definitely see proof in my face, especially on my chin. In my mood and energy as well. It`s a long time since I had irritating skin issues. It stopped when I got pregnant, and whoop whoop, now it`s back, ...

ASMR Whisper Exiting Unboxing

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ASMR Eating Sounds | Yummy For Tummy Salad

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My Blood Test Came Back | How Are My Levels On A Plant Based Diet?


Green Pesto & Salad Recipe

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Tomato Soup Made From Scratch Recipe

Tomato Soup Made From Scratch Recipe & Eating Sounds   Thanks for watching!  

Long Time No See

HELLO my Fluffy Teddy Bears I hope you all are doing just fine, and that you find time to relax and take care of yourself. I have published some videos since last time, and here are some of them down below.  So how am I doing?  I have not been in the mood for bloggi...