A trip Through My Trash Can | 2016 Empties Cosmetic

Hello My Fluffy Teddy Bears In this video I`m taking you through my trash can with cosmetic products that I have saved up for this occasion, and most of them I have used up and will never use again because of my interests for natural ingredients and cruelty free products. But just because I have...

How To Be A Youtuber

How To Be A Youtuber? Everyone can be a youtuber, but now I`m going to talk write about how to make youtube your full time job and your business. And what makes me want to talk about this? Well... It`s because I`m on this journey myself making youtube a living while doing what I love t...

ASMR Eating Sounds Vegetarian Chicken Noodle Wook


50K Fluffy Teddy Bears

Hello Fluffy`s!  I have now reached 50.000 Fluffy Teddy Bears, and I just want to thank you som much for watching my sometimes quite goofy videos. You know... nobody have to watch my entertainment if they don`t want to, so I`m so thankful you choose to do it on your own. ...

ASMR Paper Sounds


Partner Networks Are Stealing Your Money

YUP! That`s exactly what I believe! Hello My Fluffy Teddy Bears I`m starting to get so annoyed on these partner networks that have been contacting me from 100 subscribers. To me they are like bloodsuckers, and I don`t want anything to do with them. I`m quite sure this networks are ea...

Eating Sounds Carrot (ASMR)


Stay Tuned

Hello my Fluffy Teddy Bears Stay tuned for some ASMR carrot eating sounds ear to ear binaural.    Sincerely  

Let Me Help You Sleep

Hello my Fluffy Teddy Bears   It`s time for that red fairytale book again, and I`m gonna try help you relax or sleep. I wish you a wonderful day or night. Sweet dreams Fluffy`s! Sincerely #asmr

Makeup Tutorial Doing Our Makeup (ASMR)


Soon Very Soon

Hello ma Fluffey Tetty BearsssSsSssss Next up is ASMR makeup look video and personal attention. I`m doing both mine and your makeup, and hopefully it will be relaxing and tingling for you. And yes, I agree there have been to many unboxing videos after each other lately. I`m gonna...

New beginnings - Keep them coming

I`m done with the system I`m done being used I`m done letting myself hurt me I`m done giving up   I`m Finding my way And It`s now or never I`m still alive And It keeps getting better Stick up for myself Stick up for yourself Never believe anyone will understand or care wh...

Mooncup Menstrual Cup Update

Hello Fluffy`s Some weeks ago I made an ASMR unboxing video on the Mooncup, and it`s time to give you an update on how it worked out for me.  I don`t want to go into too many details, but it felt like the menstrual cup was to big. Mooncup have to siz...

ASMR at the Opera House of Montpellier

Hello my Fluffy Teddy Bears This summer the French artist Tal Isaac Hadad contacted me and asked if I wanted to participate in a video screening programme at the Opera House of Montpellier along with other ASMR artists as well, and contribute with an about five minu...

You are welcome to be a fan, but not a stalker

Hello my Fluffy Teddy Bears I really appreciate my little cozy group of fluffy teddy bear "fans", and your lovely comments It makes me really happy. But sometimes the comments go to far I think. Perverted comments and repeated threats in every single video, or a person not re...

Fashion Haul Unboxing (ASMR)

Hello My Fluffy Teddy Bears   It`s time to open the box with basic essentials from one of my favorite online stores Zalando, which also offer free shipping.  I hope you enjoy this video and find it relaxing and tingling. I wish you a beautiful day and start of the week! Sinc...

Happy Weekend

Hello my dear and Fluffy Teddy Bears? How are you? Oh! That is just great! Just wonderful! Just keep rolling that ball and take care of yourself. :-) You can do it! Yesterday I just worked on my header for my youtube channel. Both my main channel. which is my asmr channel, and I also popped ...

ASMR Eating Sounds

Hello my Fluffy Teddy Bears     It`s time for some delicious food and eating sounds again. mmmm, yummy. ^^    Have a nice day!    Sincerely #asmr  

Beautiful Relaxing Oil Diffuser

Hello my Fluffy Teddy Bears!    Long time no see, almost.... It feels like forever.    Today I published an ASMR video I recorded last week. I have been cooperating with a brand called Anjou, that sells one really beautiful and relaxing oil diffuser f...